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Application for a flat

Weningstraße 35
85053 Ingolstadt

We are delighted that you want to live in one of our flats.
In order to be able to help you as quickly as possible, we kindly ask you to provide us with some details.

Personal details

Details about the flat

For some flats, there is a co-operation agreement with AUDI AG. The offer is for interns and apprentices of the company. Furthermore, there are further flats available that are linked to existing apprenticeships with other employees.

In any case, proof of the employment relationship with the respective employer shall be required.
Apprentice / intern with Audi AG
Apprentice / intern with another company

Rent: € 410.00 per month (flat, no commission)
Deposit: € 500.00 flat (due and payable upon signing of the contract at the latest)
How would you like us to contact you?
by phone
by e-mail
by post

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